Lug Lining Pen for Bicycle Frame Rebuilds & Restorations


Brand new lug lining pen. An ideal tool for anyone wishing to have a go at lug lining their own bicycle frame.

The final photo shows one of our customers efforts with his pen. We think a professional frame restorer would be proud of his work! With a little practice you can achieve the same excellent results as well.

Here is how the pen works: The metal screw on the outside of the pen adjusts the thickness of line you want to paint. For best results dip the nib of the pen 1cm into your pot of paint and then wipe of the excess paint from the outer edges of the pen. You can use the flat edge to follow the outline of the lugs on your frame. We have found the pen works best with enamel paint. It takes time and patience but the results are well worth the effort.

The pen has a steel nib and black plastic handle & comes supplied in a plastic dust wallet.