Pack of x6 Bicycle Head Badge Rivets


Pack of 6 replacement silver stainless rivets for bicycle head badges. As they are stainless steel they will not corrode or tarnish unlike brass/nickel plated rivets. They will give your head badge the authentic period look and would be the perfect finishing touch to your restoration.

Each order will receive x3 standard length rivets + x3 extra long rivets = 6 in total. We want to make sure you receive the correct fitting rivets for your frame. Some manufacturer head badges are thicker than other so, standard sized rivets will not hold them securely in place.

These serrated rivets have a smooth bottom which equates to the diameter of the size of hole they will fit into (see our size guide above.) This make it easier to seat them into your frame before tapping them with a hammer to secure them fully.

Please use our size guide to double check which size of rivets you need for your head badge and frame. If you have any questions just get in touch as we would be more than happy to help!